1. The directors/producers can get lost in front of the huge amount of film festivals around the world.
  2. Many festivals complain that films have already been screened and no longer have the necessary premiere requirement for the screening of the film.
  3. Many directors/producers "kill" their films because they are unaware that there is a specific order to send films to festivals.

What is Right Way Festivals?

Right Way Festivals is a website that allows directors and producers to get an accurate and ordered list of festivals suitable for their film.

There are many submission platforms (Withoutabox, FilmFreeway, etc.) but none adapts to the specificities of the film. Right Way Festivals saves you time by not having to search the Internet for festivals that are compatible with your film.

The festivals available on the site come only from official lists (Oscars, BAFTA, etc.). They take place all over the world. This allows to have serious and internationally renowned festivals.

- if you are lost after completing your production,
- if you find it difficult to find festivals for which your film is compatible,
- if you are tired of checking all the requirements of festivals,
RWFestivals.com is here for you!

Why Right Way Festivals ?

Being a short film director myself, I have sometimes sent my own films to festivals. I started during my studies and I had no idea what were the good ones and the bad ones, so I did a lot of research on the Internet. From that moment, I started to make my own lists according to my film and according to the premiere requested by the festivals. I also helped my classmates.

One day, a former teacher asked me to help him send his first feature film to festivals. I took the same principle as for my student films by creating an ordered list of festivals compatible with his film. This one worked rather well since it was selected in three big festivals (Moscow, Montreal, Jerusalem). Since then, this teacher sends me other directors with their own film, including a documentary. For each film, I had to redo this list. After a while, I started looking for a tool to create this list automatically. Unfortunately, I did not find any, so I created it.

Thanks to Right Way Festivals, there is no need to do this research or treatment anymore. The site handles everything automatically.