How much time this service can make me gain?

From experience, when looking for festivals for a specific film, according to all criteria, it took me an average of two weeks to build a list of eligible festivals, not to mention the time spent checking the updates of registrations and deadlines for the entire period of sending the film.

Can we send a film directly from this site?

No. This site allows to create rapidly a diffusion strategy. It does not replace submission platforms (FilmFreeway, Withoutabox, Filmfestplatform, Shortfilmdepot, etc.). However, once you are able to send the film to certain festivals, links to the festival pages of these platforms are available.

I made a student film, am I entitled to a discount?

Absolutely. When buying a token, you can specify that it is a student film, which will allow you to get 70% discount.

Why don't we find all the festivals from the submission platforms?

One of the main points of this site is to check all the festivals individually. Their number is constantly evolving. We check all the criteria of each festival and keep them updated. Those present on this site are certified by the largest organizations in the world (FIAPF, Academy Awards, BAFTA, etc.).

What kind of movie does Right Way Festivals manage?

Almost all: Feature Film, Short Film, Documentary, Animation, Virtual Reality, TV Series, Web Series, Experimental/Video Art, Video Clip, Ordered or Promotional Work, Trailer.

Can we know the overall cost of festival registration fees?

With the list adapted to your film, registration fees are indicated in relation to the next deadline for sending. The tool allows you to select the festivals that interest you and at the same time, inform you about the overall cost in real time.