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Dynamic list of eligible festivals for your film

  • The festivals are in the optimal order of screening based on their premiere and the completion date of the film.
  • If a submission to a festival is open for your film, you'll get links to the official website of the festival and/or links to the submission platforms that the festival uses.
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Build a strategy depending on your film

  • You can modify statuses depending on the state of the film's submission in a specific festival.
  • You can also apply filters like price, themes and more. This will modify the list and the order will be reorganized according to the available festivals.
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Easy budgeting

  • With a list adapted to your film including the registration fees relative to the next submitting deadline, checking the budget of submissions has never been easier. Our tool allows you to select the festivals that interest you and at the same time, inform you about the overall cost in real time.
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All types of movies

  • Feature Film, Short Film, Documentary, Animation, Virtual Reality, TV Series, Web Series, Experimental/Video Art, Video Clip, Ordered or Promotional Work, Trailer.
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 Right Way Festivals really helped me focus on the festivals I wanted to exhibit and organized my priorities for those who best suite my movies. 
 Il y a tellement de festivals, souvent payants, qu’un site comme le vôtre, aide beaucoup à faire le tri. 
xavier lavant
 I find this platform very effective. I highly recommend it! 
 "RightWayFestivals" - is very important and useful for all filmmakers who wants to find the best option for his project. Thank you for such easy way to find "our" festivals! 
Kate Golenko (Kurokhtin)

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